My name is Joel, and I've liked computers ever since Windows was version 3 and 16 MB of RAM was more than you could ever need. I also love art, drawing, movies, music, and things of that nature. With computer graphics my two greatest passions came together and brought me into a creative world where I'm always challenged and constantly learning. Oh, and I also like video games. One of these days I'll create one.

I'm a 2015 graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a BA in Media Arts and Animation. I possess a broad range of skills from traditional story boarding to post-production. My work ethic is proactive, self-motivated, organized, detail oriented, and intuitive. I also have strong technical and design experience with a keen eye for clarity, emotion, and cinematography.

I currently live in the Hartford, CT area with my wife and our dog (pictured, the dog is on the left).